DIY wedding ideas

Winter wedding guest table decor
Cost: $12.00

What you need:
table runner (in this pic, we used silver)
3 votives
red rose petals
silver wired ribbon
can of flocking

Affix your votives to the mirror first, spray flocking (or you can use fake snow) over the mirror (you decide how much) & place the ribbon in the middle of the votives. Sprinkle a generous amount of rose petals on and around the ribbon & votives.

Boutonnieres and Corsages
Cost: $1.50

Even though they seem small, boutonnieres and corsages for your wedding party, host couples, family members and others, can send your floral budget over the edge. But, for DIY brides, this is an area where you can show off your personality in a simple, stylish and financially sensible way.

Consider making your own boutonnieres and corsages out of fabric. They are easy to make, there are many different kinds of fabric you can use, you can make them for pennies and they will far outlast the wedding day and make nice keepsakes of your special day.

The corsage in this photo was made for the mothers of the bride and groom. The base of the corsage is made of a champagne-colored organza, then felt and tulle flowers with bead centers were fastened to the top of the organza with glue. Using different types of fabric gives the corsage dimension and fullness. But, the best part is that there are no worries about petals or greenery falling off or getting mashed when being hugged by well-wishers.

If you are interested in making your own boutonnieres and corsages, call (402) 677-0306 or visit Elegant Design by Beth and let Beth help you and your bridal team create beautiful boutonnieres and corsages for your wedding day.

DIY Unity Candle
Cost: $6.95

Anything with the word “wedding” in it automatically drives the price up and unity candle sets are no different. And, most of the time, the premade sets don’t really match your style.

This is a small detail but it’s one that a bride can create to add her personal touch, and save money.

NOTE: The directions are for making the candle set in the photo.

What you need:
1 large white or crème colored candle (your preference)
2 taper candles of the same color
Ribbon (e different ribbons were used in this example)
Straight pins

Measure then cut enough ribbon to wrap around the top of the unity candle one time. (You want just a small overlap.)
Place a dot of glue on both ends, laying the second end over the first.

Hold in place with a straight pin (You don’t have to go all the way into the candle, just enough to hold the ribbon in place until it dries.

Measure then cut enough of a smaller ribbon to make a bow on the front. Tie it tightly along the top edge of the larger ribbon.

Glue 3 crystals under the bow part of the ties.

Curl the smaller ribbon ends then glue them in place on the front of the candle. (You can use straight pins to hold them in place while the glue dries)

Set the unity candle aside.

Measure and cut the smaller ribbon for the two taper candles. Leave enough to make a bow with medium long ends.
Place a small dot of glue in the middle of each piece of ribbon.
Tie one of the ribbons around a taper.

Use a straight pin on the back side where the glue is to hold it in place while it dries.

Repeat on the other taper candle.

Once the glue has dried on all of your candles, pack them safely away. Mark the box you’ve put them in so you can get to them easily on your special day.

Making your Own Tiara
Cost: $16.00

A wedding dress hardly seems complete without a tiara, headband or tiara combs, but they are also a beautifully elegant way to keep your veil in place. Even though there are so many different styles, it can still be difficult to find just the right one to match your wedding ensemble.

Making your own tiara is a great way to personalize your style and match your gown perfectly. And, if your gown has any beading or crystals, you can ask the bridal gown shop to give you extras to use in your tiara. (Most shops will give you plenty of beads at no extra cost.)

This tiara can be worn as a headband as well. The pearls came from the David’s Bridal where the bride bought her dress, the crystals came from Hobby Lobby, and the tiara band and other jewelry-making supplies came from beads etc.

What you need:
Tiara or headband (silver was used in the photo)
25 gauge artistic wire
Pearls (from the bride’s bridal gown shop)
Czech Republic crystals (used in the photo)
Needle nose pliers
Small wire cutters
Dinner plate
Soup bowl

Place your soup bowl upside down in the middle of a dinner plate. This will be the form you use to design the headband.
Begin placing crystals and beads in a pattern around a portion of the bowl (about 5 or 6 inches long).
Using the wire cutters, cut about 8 or 9 inches or artistic wire.

Once you have a tiara design you like, start stringing the crystals and beads onto the artistic wire.
After the design is on the wire, start wrapping the wire to the tiara, beginning almost midway down the band.

Wrap the wire as tightly as you can making sure that it goes down between the crystal and bead each time you wrap it around the band.

It is not necessary to wrap in between each bead or crystal. You just want to do it enough that the design stays secure on the tiara.

If you’ve chosen bigger baubles for the crown of your tiara, wrap extra wire around them to ensure they stay put.

Make Your Own Unique Table Decor
Cost: $20.00

Vases are always nice especially when using real flowers, but if you are looking for wedding table decorations that are “out of the box,” consider using a paper mache box instead of a vase.

Paper mache box arrangements aren’t always less expensive, but they can cleverly conceal a jar or a piece of styrofoam for flowers. The boxes can also be festively decorated. They can’t break and they can be thrown away after the evening is over.
NOTE: The directions that follow are for making the arrangement in the photo.

What you need:
1 – 6 x 6 paper mache box (Hobby Lobby)
Black spray paint
1 – 2 1/2″ wide decorative ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
Double-sided tape
9 – red silk chrysanthemums (Hobby Lobby)
1 – 5 x 5 styrofoam
1 – 12 x 12 mirror (Lowes)
3 – votives

Lightly spray paint the box black. You may have to repeat this 3 times but you don’t want the box to get soggy, that’s why you lightly spray each time.

While the box is drying, place the chrysanthemums in the top of the styrofoam.

Cut the ribbon to fit around the box.

Once the box is dry, use double-sided tape on one end of the back side of the ribbon to hold it firmly to the box then wrap the ribbon around the box.

Use another piece of double-sided tape to hold the other end of the ribbon in place just on top of the other end.

Place the styrofoam inside the box then set it on a tiled mirror.

Place votives around the arrangement to add light to the table.

To read about more DIY ideas, tips and other info on Facebook.

Do you have lots of ideas but aren’t sure how to create your personal design? Call 402-677-0306 or email for your FREE consultation today.

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