Christmas ideas

Christmas parties are the easiest to decorate for because you can use so many outdoor elements to create your decor. Enjoy the natural beauty of nestling long-needle pine. bare pear branches, and pine cones around candles and gold berries. It’s easy and affordable.

fallchristmas 20121

Take a walk in your yard, your neighborhood, or the nearest country road to dress your hearth this holiday.

Using naturals to dress your hearth always brings added warmth and charm. On the mantle, we used tree trunk disks that measure 12″ across and about 6″ tall. The pinecones are flocked and the pine tree boughs were taken from a live pine tree. The two wooden birds were purchased from Ace Hardware in Elkhorn, NE. River rock and candles sit in different sized apothecary jars.

Lighted branches sit alongside red river birch branches inside two, 36″ tall bamboo vases.

Dressing a brick and oak mantle in winter white is a cool look indeed.

For a more contemporary holiday vibe, we dressed this mantle with greenery, white lights, white sparkle mesh, 6″ and 10″ tall cylinder vases with floating candles and sprigs of iridescent, clear baubles on white branches.

The Christmas tree is wrapped in wide, silver and white sparkle ribbon and sprigs of iridescent baubles to match the mantle decor. Warm white Christmas lights twinkle amidst silver-beaded ribbon tied neatly into bows.

<Christmas ideas DIY-style

1. Silver bells and clear plastic snowflake ornaments, strung on bright-red ribbon surround a 6″ cylinder vase. The ribbon is tied in a simple bow. A floating candle and octagon mirror complete this beautiful table arrangement.
2. Flock an octagon mirror. Place 3 votives and a large, bow made of silver-beaded ribbon on top of the mirror. Sprinkle lightly with red rose petals and you have a romantic, holiday tablescape.
3. Luminaries can be used as part of a mantle design or table decor, but are absolutely alluring when used to light your outdoor entryway. Flock mason jars and wrap satin ribbon around the threaded top of the jars for camouflage. Place a candle or a battery-operated LED votive inside for a wintry glow.
4. For a playfully casual theme, use Christmas ornaments and ribbon on buffet tables or mantles. In this photo, we used a shiny silver ornament, along with a flat silver ornament and a silver sparkle ornament are tied together with a red or black ribbon. To add interest, we made confetti out of white satin ribbon with the word “LOVE” stamped on it, along with shiny silver and shiny black balloon string.

~~~Is it your turn to entertain for the holidays or are you just looking for fresh ideas to dress your home for the season? Call or email Beth at 402-677-0306 or and ask for your FREE consultation.~~~

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